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Website Design, Data Analysis & Google Services Management Digital Services

digital | /ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/ | adjective | Signals or data expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1 involving or relating to the use of computer technology.| “the digital revolution”
service | /ˈsəːvɪs/ | noun | The action of helping or doing work for someone.

Digital services include building websites setting up automation and connecting all the moving parts in the background to help your small business succeed. Digital Marque has over 10 years experience in the field and we are here to help.

We focus only on the digital services that will give you an advantage and won’t force any unwanted services or products on you. That’s why all our products are streamlined to include only the most important digital tools.

What Digital Services Do We Offer?

  • Website Packages

    Our website design packages include design, monthly-management and hosting, so you don't have to worry about the technical stuff. We use only essential WordPress plugins to keep your website running at its best.

  • COMING SOON / Data Analysis

    We can help you make better decisions with the data you already have, help you collect more data and visualise the data for you and your sales team to make better decisions based on actual consumer data.

  • COMING SOON / Google Services Management

    Google has done a lot to make it easy for small-business to advertise themselves on the Google platform for FREE, but do you know how to connect it all? Let us help you manage your Google My Business listings, Search Console, Tag Manager, Analytics, Data Studio and more...